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Tabloid News Reader

Tabloid is a new News Reader, using the popular Feedly service plus a host of other providers. Tabloid aims to provide you news in the most minimal, clean and fastest way possible whilst providing you with a host of features you would come to expect in a news reader application.

Tabloid is expected to launch in time for the release of Windows 10

1HP - CS:GO Hub

Your number one stop for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Read the latest news. Get alerted of new matches. Watch tutorial and match videos, and lots more!

Freight - A Portal Client

The great developers over at have yet released another amazing app called "Portal" - Portal makes transferring pictures, videos, and other files from your computer onto your phone simple. Just grab the app, scan the code above, and then drop as many files as you want onto this site. We'll get them onto your phone, and we'll do it fast!. Freight is an unofficial client for Portal.

Freight is expected to launch by October 2015

Pushpin - A Pushbullet Client

You can now use the popular service that lets you push anything to any device that has the Pushbullet app installed.

Task Studio

Task Studio is the successor to our great Shutdown Timer desktop application. We're building it from the ground up allowing you to run parallel tasks, services and also interact with popular web applications like Facebook, Pushbullet, Flickr and Mailchimp.

Task Studio is expected to launch in December 2015

Shutdown Timer
Shutdown Timer

Shutdown Timer is an advanced and powerful task scheduling system, it allows you to perform certain actions based on events that you choose. With these tasks you have the power to enable advanced power saving features that your current operating system can not achieve. Shutdown Timer is very simple to use and with the first grade support you receive, you can't go wrong.