Do not install the final version of Visual Studio 2015 if you are developing for Windows 10

The latest version of Visual Studio has finally been released to the public! Visual Studio 2015 RTM is ready to download and you can finally get rid of your RC version, but should you?

Well, I made the mistake of getting overexcited and installing Visual Studio 2015 RTM on my development machine - I had to go through the process of removing the RC and then installing the RTM. This took quite a bit of time as you can imagine all the components needed to be downloaded. So once everything installed and I was looking forward to testing out how the stability of this new version compares against the release candidate. There was one thing - whenever I tried to open my Windows 10 Universal Applications I kept on receiving a compatibility error. I went to go download the standalone Windows 10 SDK, maybe that would solve the issue and allow me to open my applications once again. It didn't. It turns out, after a quick search on the net that you should not install the RTM/Final version of Visual Studio 2015 if you are creating Universal Applications. The main issue is that Microsoft have not updated the SDK for the final version and you should wait until the 29th July before updating the software.

Important: Do not install Visual Studio 2015 RTM until 7/29 if you want to continue working with Windows 10 developer tool preview releases. On 7/29 the RTM releases of Windows 10 developer tools will be made available for use with Visual Studio 2015 RTM. Please refer to the Building Apps blog for more details.
So here I go back to removing the RTM and downloading and installing the RC again. A good day wasted :) Since the Visual Studio site points to the final full version, and you made the same mistake as I did you can use the links below to re-download the release candidate of Visual Studio 2015. Visual Studio 2015 RC Community Edition Enterprise Edition

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