What would you like in a Feedly app for Windows 10?

I'm looking to build a new application for Windows 10 and what a good way to start off with by building a Windows 10 Universal application. I need your views on what you want in the app

I recently posted on Reddit about whether it was worth building a Feedly (or other provider) news reader application. We know there are a few on the store that have built a name for themselves. Well, after the comments from the Reddit community I'm going to build an application using the new design guidelines of Windows 10. My aim is to build something that looks part of Windows 10 and provides content as fast as it can in a minimal, uncluttered way. Before I get going, it would help if everyone can let me know what they want in the application - design, features, usability - whatever you like just let me know. Let me know your thoughts on Reddit

Sandeep Bansal is a Software Engineer focusing on Microsoft and Web technologies. He looks to develop both well designed and functional desktop/phone applications.