Add Google (and other) Search to Microsoft Edge browser

23 July 2015 General A minute to read

Microsoft's Edge browser is a sleek, fast and impressive update to what Internet Explorer was. Want to use it but can't add Google as the default address bar search option. Add it here.


Google now allows you to add its search engine directly - continue reading if you'd like to add more search engines (Reddit, Yandex etc.)

Original Post

I have created a  site  that will allow you to search in Google from the Microsoft Edge search bar. If you go to Google, there’s no option for you to add it as a search option in the browser.

The site basically adds the  Open Search standard  that Microsoft Edge reads and allows you to add the search engine directly in to Edge for you to use.

The site doesn’t act as a proxy for your search calls, it simply adds the search engine directly in the browser.

Head on over to  on your Edge browser to add Google, Reddit, Yahoo or Ask search options.

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