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01 June 2020 Windows A minute to read

Apple has allowed you run Windows on your MacBook but they make sure that the experience isn't as good as running their Operating System.

Once you get past the installation of Windows 10 on your Mac and finished setting up the drivers you'll be welcomed with a very basic touchpad experience allowing you to only click and right click.

I missed the four finger swipes to move between apps or desktops and the usual two finger back and forward gestures in my browser.

The MacBook touchpad is really great and using it on MacOS is a real joy - Apple has skimped out on the drivers for their touchpad but there's a third part method to achieve native functionality.

A developer titled on GitHub as imbushuo recognised the limiations of Apple's drivers and set out to rectify that by releasing his own tweaked driver.

It's dead easy to install simply by downloading the relevant zip file from the releases page (most users will be going for the AMD64 version) - just right click the AmtPtpDevice.inf file and click install - that's it! The driver will install and give you swipe gestures.

Below are a couple of screenshots on what functionality gets unlocked in Windows Settings.

Touchpad Settings
Touchpad Settings
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