Manjaro Architect command not found when running setup

02 June 2020 Linux A minute to read

I like to try different Linux distributions every now and again just to see what new changes are being made. Manjaro Linux and its Architect package caught my eye.

I had downloaded the Manjaro Achitect ISO and attached it to VMWare Fusion, once it had booted up I was notified by the CLI to run the setup command.

I entered the command and was presented with a quite annoying error

manjaro-architect: command not found

After analysing the rest of the output I saw references to public keys not being found for some packages.

It turns out all I need to do to fix this is to refresh the keys. To do this simply enter

sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys

This will take a short while but once you're done run setup again and the rest of the setup will proceed.

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