Pushpin Update: Support for Lumia 635 and other devices

Pushpin had an issue where various phones were unable to run the application, mostly the Lumia 630, 635 & 640.

Lumia Fix

The main issue was related to the Theme Engine that I had coded in to place – it has the ability to use the phone’s light sensors to determine what theme (Light or Dark) should be shown to the user at that given moment – it changes in real time.

The problem here was that there are various Lumia devices that do not contain a light sensor. After my purchase for a Lumia 635 as a test device I had noticed the issues that were presented on the device.

I had included a fix to check if there is a light sensor available on the phone and if it is not there then to remove all automatic theme changing features for that device.

I’m happy to say after running some tests the Lumia 635 can run Pushpin correctly.


You can find the full changelog of all previous updates on the app changelog page.


As usual you can download the app from the Windows Phone Store