Pushpin Update: Updated Push Notification Support

v1.1.0.14 has been released with a main focus on tweaking the Push Notification support I have included in the application. Various user interface changes have been made to de-clutter and organise the menu.

Push Notifications

The push notification support has been updated to allow our servers to receive a new channel every time the Pushpin application is run, this avoids any issues where the channel setup between the app and our servers expires and results in notifications not being sent.

Updated code has also been put in place to accept notifications from friends as this was missing in our recent update to using the native Pushbullet servers for Push Notifications.

User Interface Changes

The bottom menu has been de-cluttered – removing a few menu items that can be moved to the Settings page.

I have moved the “Not Receiving Push Notifications” and “Clear Cache” buttons to the General section of the Settings.

The Changelog menu item has been moved to the About page of the app.

A “Latest News” menu item has been introduced that will direct you to a our blog containing all the latest info and progress about the Pushpin application.


Syncing of pushes and devices was broken in the previous version, this has now been fixed.


You can find the full changelog of all previous updates on the app changelog page.


As usual you can download the app from the Windows Phone Store