28th Nov 2016

Getting rid of the iconic home button lets Apple put in a larger display.

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28th Nov 2016

With the Galaxy Note 7 no more, Samsung is putting all its might behind the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 ...

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21st Jul 2015

The latest version of Visual Studio has finally been released to the public! Visual Studio 2015 RTM is ready to download and you can finally get rid of your RC version, but should you?

13th Jul 2015

Microsoft's Edge browser is a sleek, fast and impressive update to what Internet Explorer was. Want to use it but can't add Google as the default address bar search option. Add it here

2nd Jul 2015

I'm looking to build a new application for Windows 10 and what a good way to start off with by building a Windows 10 Universal application. I need your views on what you want in the app

28th Jun 2015

This one is for the developers out there, today's update allows Windows Phone applications to share directly to Pushpin. This article details how to implement this change.

26th Jun 2015

Pushpin had an issue where various phones were unable to run the application, mostly the Lumia 630, 635 & 640.

24th Jun 2015

When building an application I hate having to open up my graphic editor and create icons with different colours and sizes to use as assets when designing the user interface in XAML. There are a lot of custom icon fonts rolling around on the internet, I will be showing you how easy it is to use font icons in your app.

18th Jun 2015

v1.1.0.14 has been released with a main focus on tweaking the Push Notification support I have included in the application. Various user interface changes have been made to de-clutter and organise the menu.

18th Jun 2015

Compare Windows Phone and Windows Desktop and you'll notice the amount of functionality available in WPF for the Desktop is much more powerful. One thing that's missing is the DynamicResource that we can use to change resources in the runtime. You can't do that so easily in Windows Phone, here's an implementation I fixed up to solve this issue.

16th Jun 2015

We use Hex color codes in our design all the time, we're used to them and it's just easier to apply #333333 than RGB 51, 51, 51. I wanted to share a method that I use in all my coding that let's you use a hex color code to a Color object.

6th Jun 2015

When creating a desktop console application in Visual Studio you're able to access the command line arguments pretty easily. How do you go about accessing command line arguments for a WPF Desktop application?

4th Sep 2013

The default scrollbar that Windows uses can take up a lot of space, especially if you are planning on using a ScrollViewer on a ListView in your application. Read on for the implementation of an Apple style scroll bar.

22nd Jul 2012

When building applications you'd probably want to build themes and start changing the skin on specific controls. Sometimes users don't like the changes made - give them a choice, here's how.

15th Jun 2011

The whole point of WPF and XAML is the to keep your functional code away from the user interface. You should be managing data with code not user interface elements, we've gone far from the Windows Forms days. Let's see how easy it is to add rows of data to a DataGrid.

20th Jan 2010

I was in the process of building an application that requires putting the system to sleep or hibernate depending on the option that the user selected. I found a very simple way to add this functionality to my existing application.